African American Children and Families Conference

The Power of Our People, Strength Through History, Culture, Hope, Experience and Collective Stories

February 21-22, 2019

Youth Track


Rev. Marshaundus L. Robinson

Rev. Marshaundus L. Robinson is the pastor of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church of Waterloo, IA. He was raised in Waterloo and hails from a family who provided him love and support during his early years. As a result he began going on the speaking circuit as requested by those who viewed him as an inspiration for the community and youth, especially. His journey began many years ago because he had a very valuable message to share with others.

He was called into the ministry at the very young age of 13 and began delivering the “Word of God” in churches and at many community events at the age of 17.  He has spoken at the Eastern District Association of the Education and Baptist Convention, the Iowa-Nebraska State Education and Baptist Convention, the Men’s Division Convention at Lake Geneva, and has been afforded many other opportunities nationally, spreading words of encouragement to youth as well as adults. By popular demand, Pastor Marshaundus is returning as our youth speaker for the third year.

As a servant in his community, he has been selected as our returning youth speaker for our  8th Annual Conference on African American Children and Families, during a time of urgency when the youth are interested in learning more about “the power of the people” and moving forward. Using the pulpit and the streets of Waterloo, Rev. Robinson, is recognized for his leadership and motivational speaker. 

He serves as a role model, and is  a promoter of social justice. He shares the message of obedience to the “Word” and non-violence, stressing that these bring blessings to those who heed.

His passion is to help youth find their God given purpose in life provides a colorful backdrop for his strong message of support representing hope for many who looking and moving toward a bright future.

He is married to Dr. Amber (Boyd) Robinson, Principal of the new Royal Legacy Christian School, Waterloo, Iowa. They are the proud parents of a baby girl, Ava James.


Mrs. Sharrie Wright is a long time advocate for students in the Waterloo Community School district from elementary grades up to high school. She has served as a role model by providing a variety ethnic, cultural and educational experiences for students in the schools and in the community. She is currently the Assistant Principal at East High School and will Facilitate the Conference's first time- "Youth Speak Out" session! She joins us this year as a Conference Task Force member from the Waterloo Community School District.