African American Children and Families Conference

The Power of Our People, Strength Through History, Culture, Hope, Experience and Collective Stories

February 21-22, 2019

Did You Know?

Messaging the Benefits of the Conference on African American Children and Families

Over the years, the Conference on African American Children and Families has grown to show the importance in each of us investing in the lives of children and families as well as people in our communities. Throughout the state of Iowa, the population continues to grow rapidly placing additional demands on our willingness to accept more diverse populations, cultures, ethnicities and linguistic variations. We are all neighbors and we join hands in supporting and enhancing the University of Northern Iowa’s strategic plan, especially on diversity, community engagement and inclusivity.

This is our 7th Annual Conference and we are grateful to the university’s administration for continual support for this valuable conference in a time when many budgetary matters prohibit such significant events from continuing. We are grateful and proud of you, the participants for being a part of this conference.

- Dr. Gloria Kirkland Holmes, Conference Coordinator

Special Benefits of the Conference on African American Children and Families to our UNI students from various majors and minors across campus

The message of a UNI photographer summarizes the importance of faculty, students, families and friends!

"Every College, every faculty and all students need to attend this Conference. I have heard some of the most powerful speeches that I have ever heard in my life!"

- UNI Photographer

“This was my second year attending the Conference on African American Children and Families. I grew up in a small town in Iowa and we did not have much racial diversity in our school. But I learned from attending this conference that we need to learn as much as we can so that we can have a positive impact on the lives of our students. I learned so much about what we can do when we encounter children and families different from ourselves. Thank you for this conference and encouraging us students to come.”

- UNI Early Childhood/Elementary Education Student

"I am so glad that our professor asked us to attend this conference. I learned so much that surprised me but will be so helpful when I become a teacher. I look forward to going next year!"

- UNI Elementary Education Student

"Dear Ms. Holmes, I am the person you met when the was conference over as tears flowed from my eyes. This conference was so eye opening and uplifting for me, I will never miss another one. I encourage everyone to attend this conference because it will change your heart, your thoughts and your life. I know it changed mine.”

-Community Member

Reducing Racism-- Stress on Black families increases life chances for Black infants 

two young infants