Conference Long Lasting Effects

Two toddlers This is the 10th year anniversary of the African American Children and Families Conference which began at the University of Northern Iowa in February 2012. It started with the vision of Dr. Gloria Kirkland Holmes presenting a written proposal to then Dean, College of Education, and now Chancellor at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Dr. Dwight Watson. 

The goals of the conference continue today as during its origin:

  • Provide educational, cultural and diversity experiences for University of Northern Iowa students, faculty and administration.
  • Provide meaningful and supportive opportunities for students in the College of Education to learn more about African American Children and Families.
  • Integrate the university’s strategic plan on diversity and enrollment within the conference!

During the past ten years, we are appreciative of students, faculty and administration in helping the growth of the Conference!

  • During the 2020 African American Children and Families Conference, we welcomed a record-breaking number of middle school students attending. They were from various school districts in Iowa with the highest numbers from Davenport, Des Moines and Waterloo.
  • High school students have been participants of the conference each year with us connecting them with Admissions Office personnel as a part of enrollment.
  • Social work CEUs were offered during several years of the conference.Fancy young girl
  • Waterloo and Cedar Falls mayors have welcomed conference participants to their respective cities.
  • Former Waterloo police chief Dan Trelka led law enforcement sessions during the conference!
  • Union Missionary Baptist Church Union Steppers Drill Team performed for the last five years!
  • Ministers, pastors and community members have highlighted the pre-conference as well as the conference!
  • Our conference met a great need by having a panel of Iowa’s judges for two years to present at the conference!