Conference Long Lasting Treasures

man in hospital bed smiling and clasping hands with another manWaterloo chief bonds with kidney recipient

WATERLOO — Police Chief Dan Trelka has aided an Outlaw — Jimmy Outlaw, to be exact — in a way that may improve both their lives.

The Waterloo chief had intended to donate a kidney to a retired law officer in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., where he worked prior to coming to Waterloo, who was a police partner of a close friend.

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From Conference Coordinator, Dr. Gloria Kirkland Holmes:

Waterloo's Safety Director, Dan Trelka has been a part of the Conference on African American Children and Families for many years. He demonstrated a strong sense of acceptance of people of various races, cultures and ethnicities! We are grateful for the demonstration of positive and heart-touching human and race relations! Thank you Chief Trelka, this picture says it all- that you have a heart of gold and gave a kidney with love to a brother in need! Blessings.