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The Time is Now - the Benefits of the African American Children and Families Conference

BabyAs the African American Children and Families Conference is now in the tenth year, there are times that may cause serious reflections upon so many of life’s issues.  The time is now for each of us to reflect upon our individual thoughts and beliefs  about people who may be different from us. The time is now for self-reflections on how we treat others. 

The time is now for how we hold ourselves as well as others accountable for accepting and understanding that we all do NOT have the same equal rights. It is especially our cry that those who are responsible for imparting educational and cultural values to children and families do so with dignity and respect. 

The time is now:

  • to restructure our mind if it is clogged with thoughts of mistreatment and misjudgment of others based on race.
  • to restructure our mind if it is overpowered by evil thoughts and deeds.
  • to restructure our attitude so that we can be a positive light in our communities.
  • to restructure our attitude of causing devastation in the lives of others.
  • to restructure our mind to help promote the university’s strategic plan on diversity.
  • to restructure our mind to help support the university’s strategic plan on community 
  • engagement and inclusivity.
  • to restructure our mind to positively accept others to help promote enrollment increases.

This is our 10th Annual Conference and we are grateful to the university’s administration for continual support for this valuable conference in a time when many budgetary matters prohibit such significant educational and cultural experiences from continuing... We are grateful and proud of you, the participants for being a part of this conference.

- Dr. Gloria Kirkland Holmes, Conference Coordinator

Two boys smiling at camera

Special Benefits of the African American Children and Families Conference to our UNI students from various majors and minors across campus

I like the theme,  “The time is now for us to restructure our mind and spirit”. With so many changes in life because of the pandemic and cries of racial injustices,  it behooves each of us to help move forward with the betterment of all peoplekind.

- UNI faculty member

This is my senior year and I have been able to attend the conference and read-in as a part of my college career. I think that every student should be able to participate especially since it is virtual this year. This conference has influenced my life in so many ways that I know I will be a stronger teacher. This really strengthened my attitude about how powerful the university is preparing us for the changing world that we will face when we graduate. Thank you UNI for continuing to have this conference when so much has been taken away from us.

- UNI elementary education student

I have been a part of this conference because of my interest in connecting the university and the community. Each year, I learn so much because of the top and best presenters national, statewide as well as locally.  This year it seems so much more important because of all of the changes in our society and in around the community. For the first time in our lives we are experiencing a pandemic as well as racial and ethnic issues that must be addressed.

- Community member

As a university student, I was so glad to be a part of the African American Read-in, an experience that I have never had before. It was so well organized with so many young children from so many schools. The activities and literacy experiences were so great. I was able to work with the author and several other activities. This was so fun. I loved the part when TC/TK came and the children were so enthusiastic seeing them.

- UNI student